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Our mission

Ste. Marie Specialists works with only the finest nonprofit organizations, assisting them in moving their mission forward through their Board and staff, to help deliver care and compassion.

Looking for a brighter

future for your nonprofit?

Ste. Marie Specialists

With more than 15 years of nonprofit understanding, focuses on budgeting, Board growth, development, strategic marketing and more.

Capacity Building


Development Planning


Annual Appeals

Board Development & Training


Social Media


Strategic Marketing


Workforce Development


Event Planning


Fundraising Diversification


We can help you

Train board members

From their commitment

to the art of the ask

Detail a 

nonprofit budget

Factor line items and revenue sources


runs nonprofits

Build a plan to meet your goals.

Strategic Marketing

Grow your brand with print and social media, focus on your audience

 ...and more, to help you better serve those who rely on you!

Donna Lee
Executive Director
Plan!t Now

"Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up" is a famous quote but also the spirit of every endeavor Robin McCarthy takes on, especially for the benefit of nonprofit organizations that serve Southern California. Robin is phenomenal at encouraging smart work. Her ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas is inspiring - Robin's deft touch with officers helped our organization see light at the end of the Board Development tunnel."



Donna Lee

Grants/Events Consultant


Dr. Kim Rathman

RootSource Fundraising & Grantwriter


Theresa Robinett

Donor Relations Advisor


Leslie Swanson 

Executive Coaching & Business Development


Erna Taylor-Stark

Taylor-Stark Copywriting

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